Ralph gives back to the community and runs the “Race of Grace” in his faith and deals with growth daily. Life is never fair or seems right. But with the reality of peace and love, it’s fantastic!

Keep the faith and NEVER GIVE UP!

Breaking through barriers and finding success through all that mess? Truly a blessing!!

Zachariah Thomason- Youth Pastor

I am thoroughly impressed with the perseverance of this man and his trials! God was truly with him!

Jane Scully


My Daily Prayer

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at local High School.

Original article

This article reflects on Ralph’s early mishaps while playing basketball for Stanford University more than two decades ago. Ralph openly shares his mistakes with others to prove that it is never too late to turn your life around.

We need to stop Cyberbullying and stick up for those who are dealing with harassing issues. Life is so beautiful until a very difficult storm comes into your life. There will be times when others will stalk, harass, hate, jealousy, and most of all; write ✍️ blogs on your good name to try and detour your steps God has planned along your journey to be who he wants you to be. I’m here to share that if you are dealing with these type of experience or hate speech- please contact your local police department and stick close to loved ones or friends. Stay strong and stay connected.


Ralph Sanders enjoy the rich sand on Laguna beach. It's refreshing to get away and spend time with self.
Ralph Sanders still enjoys the love of the game at passion to stay in shape.