Halftime Hustler

HALFTIME HUSTLER, Ralph Sanders is an inspirational success story. He has a passion for helping others succeed in life with their own faith and trials of temptation. Halftime Hustler is a TRUE story of a man that faced 350 years to life but overcame the adversity of his test of trial and suffering. With a God given talent for basketball, it is his great hope that by sharing his personal journey, it will reach large groups of people in need while going through life’s struggles hoping to provide inspiration and assurance. No matter how bad things may seem, God will always open a door or a window. Living like a “Loosed Man” for many years, God releases him from old ties to live in new peace and power of enlightenment. YOU CAN BE A SURVIVOR! God has opened his grave of failure to prove that he wants a decent life after incarceration. Part of a decent life includes knowing who you are and where you are going. We are all scattered survivors out there wanting and hoping for a SECOND CHANCE! Lazarus, the resurrected second-timer, set a pattern for every scarred survivor who came after him. He is an ambassador of hope for every person who ever needed or dreamed of a second chance! His flame of life was reignited by the breath of the Savior and He experienced rebirth after death. He is “PROOF POSITIVE” that God can produce a “COMEBACK” for every mishap. What would you do if you were put through the “TEST”? Your life has been snatched from you and put into a cold cell as if it was a grave and rekindled in a leaping beginning. How would you live once you experienced something so devastating and have been revived to tell about it?


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This article reflects on Ralph’s early mishaps while playing basketball for Stanford University more than two decades ago. Ralph openly shares his mistakes with others to prove that it is never too late to turn your life around.