Meet Me halfway

Meet Me Halfway is the true story of a man that is fighting the good fight of faith to continue his calling rather than falling by the wayside. The test of adversity knocking at his door has become the insight of wanting to change and see the right path through the many obstacles and trials with his God-given talents as a semi-professional basketball player and a Christian practitioner; he wants you to live your best life now and experience the freedom from bondage to sin. It is his great hope that by sharing his personal journey and awareness, that it will reach large groups of people going through life’s struggles and provide inspiration and assurance. No matter how bad things may seem, God will always open a door or window.

Living like a “loosed man” for so many years, Ralph has tapped into the spiritual realm and circled himself around those who are achievers and winning in life. God has released him from old ties to living in peace and power of enlightenment!

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This article reflects on Ralph’s early mishaps while playing basketball for Stanford University more than two decades ago. Ralph openly shares his mistakes with others to prove that it is never too late to turn your life around.