Responding to Cyberbullies: Tips for Adults Experiencing Online Harassment

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Over the years, online harassment has become increasingly common in the U.S. According to research, approximately four in ten Americans are personally subjected to online harassment. As social media continues to burgeon, these figures are expected to worsen tremendously.

No matter how aloof, discreet, or uninvolved you may be on social media, the cloud of online harassment can loom over your head and burst into an explosion of frigid rain at any second.

If you’ve been struggling to deal with cyberbullies, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you protect your mental and emotional health.

Disengage From the Noise

This tried-and-tested trick is one of the best ways to deal with cyberbullies. Simply disengage from the noise instead of wasting your emotional labor and curling up in a ball of anxiety and self-hate.

While you may feel tempted to release your frustration by typing a long response, it’s unlikely that it’ll resonate with the cyberbully. Instead of understanding where you’re coming from and apologizing, they’ll probably engage in further mockery.

Understand that trying to have a healthy conversation with a cyberbully is a fanciful idea; you’ll end up feeling twice as frustrated and drained.

Find a Healthy Distraction

Disengaging from the noise isn’t enough; you have a find a healthy distraction to prevent the internet troll’s harsh comments from continually circulating your mind and affecting your mental health.

Watch motivational videos online, read an empowering book, spend time with your friends and/or family, or indulge in an act of self-care that brings you joy.

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As you distract yourself, you’ll manage to keep your mind off of the hate and practice some much needed self-compassion.

Ralph Sanders’ powerful books are the perfect pick-me-up for people who are going through adversity and need some source of encouragement.

Opt for Break Loose or Held Hostage if you want to gain insight into how to manage a toxic situation without letting it get to your head. If you’re seeking a holistic transformation, read Halftime Hustler.

Find a healthy balance that helps you live your best life and block out the noise.

Report and Block Them!

You’ve ignored them and have taken up a healthy distraction. However, they keep attacking you and you can’t help but let it get to you.

What should you do?

Report them.

Whether the cyberbully is persistently leaving nasty comments and/or messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, or any other social media platform, you can easily report and block them. It’s very likely that their page will be taken down. In addition, you’ll get some much-needed peace of mind knowing that they can’t bother you anymore.

If they create fake accounts, continue to follow the report and block strategy.

A Racist, Sexist, or Homophobic Attack? Tell Allies to Pitch In

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Let allies do the work for you.

Often, white, feminist, and LGBTQ allies talk a big game, but fail to lend their support when it’s needed most. Tackle racist, sexist, and homophobic online harassment by bringing it to the attention of allies in your circle. This is a great way for them to take action and do the work for you.

Directly engaging with cyberbullies can be extremely tiring (as stated above), especially if it’s an attack on your race, sex, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or body type, among many other factors. Strong allyship will go a long way in ensuring you feel safe, comfortable, and free online.


Prioritize your mental and emotional health by getting some much-needed inspiration. Ralph Sanders’ thought-provoking, empowering, and insightful body of work is a powerful source of motivation when you’re feeling low. Browse through his books and videos for a much-needed taste of encouragement that makes your day brighter.

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