Empowering Yourself To Live a Life of Grace

Empowering Yourself To Live a Life of Grace

A lot of people have come up to asking how I’ve managed to persevere through my struggles and continued living the way I do. The only answer I’ve ever had to give was–grace in the face of adversity is the single greatest expression of nobility.

This isn’t exactly a new idea–philosophical history will show you instances of the world’s greatest thinkers say the same. Sartre once said that humans are chained by their freedom– we always have the choice to do the right thing even when we can’t see it. The ancient Greek stoics also said something to the effect that our happiness and sadness is a response to our circumstances–something we have absolute control over. These are the thoughts that have directed my actions throughout my life.

Why I Continue to Persevere and Why Should You

Mind over body. Always. What the body can’t do–the mind can force its will to make it help you achieve your goals. Your self is a tool that only you can empower–it’s not even that difficult–it’s only about arriving at the realization that you–as a human–are truly free, and the master of your destiny. With sheer force of will and the strength of your mind, you can do things that no one would believe.

There will be people along the way who try to bring you down and tell you that you won’t make it. In my case, people have said things like I’m a scam artist, that I deserve to be sent to jail for the rest of my life–to them, I say that my truths come from sincerity and it doesn’t matter what you think. The sky is blue whether you believe it or not and the law of gravity controls you irrespective of whether you think Newton didn’t know what he was talking about. The Truth will set you free and for as long as you know what the truth is, no one should be able to shake your faith in your abilities.

There’s this Asian poet who spoke about the value of truth and how it empowers you. His words go something like this:

“Those who deny the strength of Truth

God does not give them courage.”

When I first came across this thought, I was shaken with wonder at how simple this idea was and how difficult it seems to grasp it when life takes a turn for the worst. But trust in your instincts and listen to that inner voice to guide you.

I know what you’re thinking right now–Ralph! You don’t know my struggles and you can’t just tell me these things because you don’t understand what I’m going through. I understand that and all I say to you is–let me into your life and help you overcome your challenges. I’m always up for supporting and helping people as we all struggle through life–drop a line and I promise I’ll reach out to you.

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